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Needs supplied, even if it's toilet paper!

As my husband and I took a much needed Sunday drive, we came across this! It's one of those book caches, a little lending library of sorts, for those in the neighborhood or for those passer-byers. But what caught my eye wasn't the great inventory of books to read, it was the 2 rolls of toilet paper I spied!

You see, just one week prior before we all knew about Covid-19 (and the toilet paper disappearing), I was at Costco and had my hands on a huge multi-pack of toilet paper. I set it back, thinking, "We don't need that much toilet paper. Besides, I would have to store it!"

And then I saw this! No, I'm not out of TP yet, but when I am...I know where to go.

Thank you, thoughtful neighbors!

"I will supply all your needs..." Phil. 4:19


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