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I help women master their minds, reconnect with their hearts, and face their fears so they can breathe and heal...and then have vision to bloom into a happier life beyond brokenness.

In our lives, we travel down many paths.  Some paths we have chosen, others have chosen us. Some of these paths have left us with a lot of unhealed trauma.  Trauma causes us to disconnect from our hearts and leaves us not knowing who we are or what our purpose is.  We wrestle with our minds, our hearts hide from healing, and fear overwhelms us.  We feel broken.  All of this pain clips our wings and leaves us unable to fly.  My work is about breathing life and encouragement into your soul–the core of who you are–so you can bloom and awaken into true happiness, find real freedom, and fly!

It’s time to you can bloom…and go beyond brokenness!


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Breathing, Blooming, & Going Beyond Brokenness!

About Pam
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Breathe & Bloom Logo  (Straight Across).

Pam Jantz is an author/speaker who is passionate about sharing her story.  Growing up in dysfunction and being unhappy for most of her life, happiness has been a struggle she has wrestled with most of her life.  Echoing in her mind were the words of her grandfather, “You were meant to rise to your potential.”


When her marriage ended in divorce, this crossroads motivated her to search out the root cause of her emotional struggles.  Once she sought out help and did the work it takes to bring healing, she felt a desire to help others embrace healing and, ultimately, purpose, in their own lives.


Pam comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has operated several different businesses including:  custom curtains, construction companies, and a residential and commercial cleaning company.


Pam has three grown children and resides with her husband, Sheldon, in Colorado, where the two enjoy projects around the house, hiking, being in nature, and traveling.


You Were Meant to Rise to Your Potential!

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My Wake Up Moment

Pam Jantz doesn’t do ordinary.  She likes to live outside the box.  Though she has been around religious circles for decades, fresh perspectives and going deeper is her mantra…especially when it comes to bringing healing to hurting hearts.

Breathing, blooming, and going beyond brokenness is Pam’s passion. She speaks honestly about her own dysfunctional past and tells vulnerable stories about her own disconnected heart that needed healing which resulted in decades of not knowing herself, or how to love herself, or how to deal with sabotaging fear.   She wants to encourage others that getting over the rainbow to the other side to happiness and freedom is not impossible.  Pam wants to advocate for your soul, your identity, and your emotional health and let others know they matter, they have worth, and that they are seen!


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Over the Rainbow—From a Stormy Past to a Future Full of Color


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Wrestling With Our Minds and Winning

Traumas trip us up.  Our past sneaks up on us and suddenly we get triggered.  It’s embarrassing and a constant struggle.  We feel broken beyond repair.  We pick at the Band-Aid on our wounds but are too afraid to rip it off and look at what’s underneath.  Journey with me as I share my own story of overcoming emotional dysfunction and unpack the tools needed for freedom over the wrestling of our minds.

Book Pam

Disconnected From Our Hearts No More

We are living our lives separated from our hearts.  This causes a disconnect which can cause us to feel broken.  This disconnect causes us to struggle to know who we are, how to love ourselves, and how to deal with our fears.  By reconnecting to our hearts, we find the strength to RISE UP.  Using this acronym, I will introduce tools to reconnect with our hearts so we can get excited about who we are, learn how to love ourselves, and live a life of peace.

Book Pam

Finding Our Way Home By Facing Our Fears

Fear shoots holes through our identity.  We don't know who we are and we don't understand our great value.  Indecisiveness is what results.  False evidence appearing real can disconnect us from rational thinking and living out of our hearts.  We will look at how courage and love dismantle fear, enabling us to live productive lives.  Sometimes we need someone to come alongside and inspire our courage.

Book Pam

The Book

Over the Rainbow...where you go from a stormy past to a future full of color.

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     If you have ever been through challenging times due to a traumatic past, sadness and fear can become your best friends. Even when you feel like you have it all together, your mind can trip you up again and unhappiness returns. Without happiness and peace, you can lose hope of ever having a fulfilling life.

     Being unhappy from as far back as she can remember, the author recalls that happiness was always short-lived. Desperately wanting to be on the happier side of life, she would wonder if she could grow up in a dysfunctional home, live in a dysfunctional marriage, and get to the other side of the rainbow and become emotionally healthy?

Accompany the author on a journey with Dorothy, from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and discover when we travel down our yellow brick roads, filled with trauma and pain, it is possible to go over the rainbow and find emotional healing and freedom.

     Over the Rainbow invites you to take an honest look at emotional dysfunction, the havoc it reaps, and how to overcome it and master your mind, heal your heart, find freedom from fear, and obtain healing.

     Over the Rainbow offers encouragement to help stop your dysfunctional thinking and helps you navigate relationships with those who struggle with emotional dysfunction.

     Over the Rainbow will take you on a life-changing journey that will inspire and encourage you to look at your past, embrace healing from your wounds, and move beyond your sorrow and fear to a transformation over the rainbow…filled with color, happiness, and new fulfilled purpose.

     Don't be held back by your past when you were designed for so much more.



Danielle B.

Storms meet hope!

     Often when recalling past hurts, it is hard not to come off resentful, but this book shows how to use compassion and how to show love through the healing. The Wizard of Oz examples make it easy to not only relate but understand what is being discussed. 
     Many find healing hard and happiness fleeting, knowing others have it, but not quite sure how to get it. This book shows not only the depths you can get to feel like that, but also the paths to get out, and what it actually looks like when you do get to the other side.



Arleen W.

I learned a lot of things about myself in this book.  Much food for thought!

     Pam shares candidly about her experiences of past hurt and how she came to freedom. It is a great story of trial, pain, forgiveness and healing. She parallels the story involving the harsh realities of her life with the story of The Wizard of Oz. It is an easy read and well worth the time invested by the reader. If your life is not perfect, this is the book for you.


Emma S.

Good things come in small packages!

     Pam's book takes you on a vulnerable journey through her woundedness and how she found healing. It's written from a Christian perspective, but the metaphors and description of the universal human language - love, pain, joy, loss - is relatable to all. Although the book is relatively short, it packs a punch. Spend a day curled up with this book and a box of tissues, or digest it one chapter at a time. Either way, give it a read and open your own heart to heal.

"Over the Rainbow is an honest and personal look at the author's years of struggle to find healing.  Those seeking to become healthier will find Over the Rainbow a helpful resource."

--Cyndy Sherwood, Roap Map to Healing


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