I encourage others to hear the voice of their souls so they can reconnect with themselves. 

 In our lives, we travel down many paths.  Some paths we have chosen, others have chosen us.  It can cause us to walk around with a disconnect about not knowing who we are or what our purpose is.  Breathe & Bloom is about breathing life and encouragement into your soul, the core of who you are, so you can bloom and awaken into your purpose, the calling of your soul.  Many of us, however, are not familiar with our souls.  We've been told about our hearts, but not about our souls.  I believe, our soul is where our treasure is.  Inside is where we find our true identity.  It's a place that has been buried underneath the traumas of our lives, but can be awakened again. This awakening brings transformation to our soul as silence and stillness are introduced into our lives, helping to bring peace and calming from the stresses and fears of life.  This site is meant to encourage and inspire.  Here you will discover more about your soul and the beauty that lies within.  As you breathe it in, may your soul be blessed, well, and at peace.  

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